Location:Don Bosco MSSC Centre Ground floor, Savio Wing, Office Suite 5 Matumbato Road, Upper Hill.


Center for Economic Empowerment and Development

The Mustard Seed Principle

Our core focus is, as the name reads, economic empowerment and development for women and disadvantaged men, in turn improving their needful economic contribution to the community.

Our Mission is to inspire and empower women and children through education, entrepreneurship and enterprise development to become more productive members of society. We are committed to eradicate poverty, provide quality education for all, spur economic growth, reduce unemployment and increase income levels via community-driven efforts.

We believe that young people in developing countries have the potential to make a difference. We seek to ensure their well-being and provide opportunities for them to engage with the world around them. We also want to empower women and girls with leadership skills, so they can assume positions of power in society.

It offers them an opportunity to engage in economic activities and acquire vocational knowledge and skills essential for personal development. This empowers them to be agents of change in the communities underpinning the principles of green finance.

We also focus on equipping women and disadvantaged men with the tools to embark on trade and industry activities that are nancially sound, viable, cost effective and profitable.This is as they grow and develop holistically.

It expands their access to employment opportunities and assets, which benets their families and communities. It also influences institutions and public policies as it spurs their growth and develops the economy.

We reach out to women, marginalized or disabled (differently abled) men, and youth mostly in need directly and through grassroots and civil society organizations. This includes slum and rural women, domestic workers, the low-skilled workers

Our Vision.

A peaceful and joyous world where all people actively and intentionally engage their individual and collective skills in diverse protable ventures.

Our Values.

Innovation , Creativity & Diversity



Team Work