Center for economic Empowerment & Development

CEED is a not-for-profit organization whose core focus is, as the name reads, economic empowerment and development for women and disadvantaged men, in turn improving their needful economic contribution to the community

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A Few Words About Us

CEED  focuses on equipping women and disadvantaged men with the tools to embark on trade and industry activities that are financially sound, viable, cost effective and profitable. This is as they grow and develop holistically. It expands their access to employment opportunities and assets, which benefits their families and communities. It also influences institutions and public policies as it spurs their growth and develops the economy. We reach out to women, marginalized or disabled (differently abled) men, and youth mostly in need directly and through grassroots and civil society organizations. This includes slum and rural women, domestic workers, the low-skilled workers. CEED aspires to end poverty in all its forms through various activities and partnerships. We seek to ensure healthy livelihoods and promote well-being for all. We applaud gender equality and are keen on empowering women and girls into leadership positions.

About us

Mission & Focus



A peaceful and joyous world where all people actively and intentionally engage their individual and collective
skills in diverse profitable ventures.



To reduce global poverty and improve livelihoods by engaging innovative economic activities and
development processes through partnerships and collaborations with global and community agencies.
CEED is determined to help women, disadvantaged men and families self-actualize through specialized
programs that promote growth, productivity and well-being.



We partner and collaborate with diverse individuals, foundations, governments and corporations
who care about development and empowerment in Africa; whose mission and values are in line
with ours.


Core values

CEED Core Values include:
1. Innovation, Creativity and diversity
2. Professionalism
3. Integrity
4. Team work
5. Excellence
6. Compassion

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1. Education & Capacity Building
2. Climate change through circular economy approach
a) Sustainable food security
b) Renewable & clean energy
c) Water & sanitation
3. Entrepreneurship & Financial literacy
4. Access to Justice



1. To help individuals obtain higher incomes through various economic activities – reduce
income inequality within or across the country.
2. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable – peace &
security i.e. to provide greater security including protection from violence.
3. Promote build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable

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1. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive
employment and decent work for all and ensure better access to and control over
2. To strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to effectively and efficiently deliver
desirable results.
3. To facilitate mentorship programs to help individuals develop the talent and knowledge
needed to survive in the dynamic world.
4. To promote safe employment for women and advocate for equal opportunities for all.



Training and Capacity Building

We conduct training & capacity building initiatives at highly subsidized prices upon request or through sponsorships.

Incubation Services

We hand hold some enterprises from ideation to startup till they stabilize by offering them space, consultancy and legal services at highly subsidized prices to facilitate their projects or businesses.


Through our training and mentorship programs, we provide women and men with the opportunities to not only acquire knowledge and skills but also facilitate their access to tools and funds to support themselves in their quest for economic sufficiency.


We provide counselling services to groups of men and women struggling in various spheres of lives as well as help them establish ways of dealing with gender violence at home and empower them to take on various roles in their communities.


This involves building capacities and increasing opportunities for women at the local, national, and regional levels, strengthening the efforts and capacity of existing women and men organizations focusing particularly on technical, organizational, vocational and Financial management to help these individuals become self-reliant. Furthermore, we measure women’s unpaid care work, take necessary actions so that they can more readily combine what they get with other yields or employment.



Phyllis Wangwe


Shirlene Nafula

MD / CEO - Resource Mobilsation, Programs & funding

Brenda Kilonzo

Director Marketing, PR & Communications

Stephanie Naliaka

Corporation Secretary partnerships, programs & collaboration